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Friday, 20 December 2013

A Very Special Paint Party Friday for Tracey

Hi, today at Paint Party Friday we are celebrating and showing our support to Tracey who is undergoing Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer.  This lady is so brave and full of wonderful humour.  We were asked if we would like to create something for her reflecting her love of painting cups, mugs etc and then it would be made into a collage to honour this wonderful woman which you can see HERE

For my part I created this fun ATC using mixed media

Then I thought Nettie you have never drawn or painted a cup and saucer in your life, so get off your butt and have a go.

So there you have it, not a patch on the wonderful drawings that Trace does, but it was made with a kind heart.

Raising my cup to you Tracey and all the other wonderful artists at PPF.  Happy Christmas to all.
Hugs Annette xx

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Paint Party Friday and Mix it Monthly

Hi, am early I know for the Paint Party Challenge but wanted you to see one of my paintings framed and ready to go for a Christmas Present to a dear young lady who is very special to me.  The reason I painted this for her is because she has always wanted to swim with dolphins but when she had the chance she was violently sea sick and couldn't get off the boat to fulfill her dream.

14'' x 11'' painted in Acrylics
Sorry about the bad photo as you can see my reflection in the glass which causes peculiar shadings.  The word Love is wooden which was painted then glued onto the glass, still you get the general idea.

Piarom has a fun challenge at Mix it Monthly - painting owls using only 3 colours.

This is an ACEO on canvas using acrylic colours:  Crimson, Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue and Cerulean Blue Hue. As you can see the owls are drawn free, also used Black and White Staedtler pens.

Mother and Daughter are on their way to have a Girly Day Out Shopping. Yep they are waiting for the Shopping Bus to spend their hard earned cash/worms.

Thank you for popping in, take care of yourselves, hugs Annette x

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Paint Party Friday

Hi, in case you came here by accident my Paint Party Friday projects can be found HERE
Sorry for the confusion.  Have a smashing weekend, hugs Annette x

Thursday, 21 November 2013

On the Easel and a few Hanging Hearts for Paint Party Friday

Hi, wow it sure is a busy time at the moment with Christmas coming soon.  Cards made and bought and quite a few prese's as well.  Am definitely not making a Christmas cake or pudding this year as am the only one that eats it, so its a waste.  Am in the middle of making an altered book for a Christmas decoration.  But today would like to show you whats on my easel, yep have quite a few easel's with work waiting to be completed..........

I think this needs an white acrylic wash over it to tone it down a bit, what do you think, would be pleased to know.

Finished my Christmas hanging hearts.....................yea

One each for the kids trees; usually make a decoration for their trees each year, they are made from chipboard shapes.  Painted, Stamped, Texture Paste, stones and glitter.

I would like to enter these hearts into the The Artistic Stamper Challenge - Christmas

Thank you for popping in and wishing you a happy weekend, we are off visiting over the weekend, but will pop over to see you asap. Take care of yourselves and wrap up warm, hugs Annette x

Thursday, 14 November 2013


Hi, its ages since have taken part in Paint Party Friday and have really missed it.  Mostly because I've been playing with designs and paints and not really getting anywhere even though it has been great fun.

The above is a Calla Lily I painted in Acrylics and then framed it with Photo Flexer (free digital programme)

Canvas 18 x 12 inches is drying on the easel.  The canvas has been painted over numerous times but have never liked the results.  This time painted various shades of blue, then used modelling paste over a stencil, its still not dry.  What will happen next have no its a wait and see jobby.

A page taken from my Sketch Book, background created with Pic Monkey (free digital programme), the lady on the left is an angel but using the background her wings got rather lost, still it was fun to do.

We went to the Castle Theatre in Wellingborough on Tuesday to have a coffee and popped upstairs to see the latest Art Exhibition, such a joy to see, paintings were by a local artist Brenda McKetty (Painter/Illustrator), mostly whimsical seaside scenes, but it was the colours she used that thrilled me, wonderful joyful colours which made me smile.

Hubby had his 'op Wednesday and arrived home at 10.15 pm, good to have him home safely.  He has to go again in February for more Stents but they will keep him in hospital this time as he has to have quite a few.

Playtime over as have to get my Christmas Heart Tags finished.  Thank you for dropping by and wishing you a lovely weekend, stay warm and safe.  Hugs Annette x

Friday, 11 October 2013

Bits and Pieces for Paint Party Friday

Hi, hope you have been having a great week, am afraid haven't done a lot of painting, but would like to share with you some pages from my Art Book - nope they are not finished, but there again there is no rush is there!

Just playing around with ideas and then thought would have a go at a Kingfisher on a Wooden Heart, obviously not brilliant but not too bad for a first attempt.

In a week or two I shall own a Gelli Plate which will be a birthday gift from my husband, he has no idea what this is, just knows I want one it will be off to UTube for me to check out how to use it and can hardly wait.  I wonder if you can use it directly onto canvases...........mmmmm

Looking forward to seeing everyones contributions to Paint Party Friday.

Have a lovely weekend and wrap up warm if you live in the UK its turned very cold here, take care and thank you popping in, hugs Annette x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hooray............its Paint Party Friday

Hi guys, am happy to say I have completed that huge painting and completed a medium sized canvas in time for Paint Party Friday this week.................

Have run out of canvases at the moment so will have to get some more later in the week.  Thank you for popping in, take take of yourselves, hugs Annette x

PS I have some more postings today, if you would like to see go HERE

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Paint Party Friday

This week, my PPF offering can be found HERE.... if you would like to see xx

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Works in Progress '' The Path to Happiness''

Hi, took a month off to paint, but it has been a bit more than I had anticipated.  It started going wrong when my husband's back collapsed, so it was bed rest for him and of course lots of nursing from me.  The painting had to take a back seat.  But am pleased to say he is on the mend now.  We also had a break away at Stratford upon Avon which did us both good.

Anyways this is as far as I've got with this painting (The Path to Happiness)  its quite a large one.  First worked a small painting 6 x 4 inches to start with and have photographed them together so you can appreciate the sizes.

Palette Knife - Acrylics
There is a bit more work to be done on both of them, various shadings and adding more trees.

This is how I started, laying down the bare bones.

Its good to be back at Paint Party Friday as have missed taking part.  Thank you for popping in, its great to see you.  Take care of yourselves and enjoy the weekend.  Hugs Annette x

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Paint Party Friday and Summer of Color the Finale

Hi, have at long last finished my large canvas in water mixable oils - Walking in the Rain  anyways it has to rest for 6 months before its varnished which leaves me a bit of time in case I change my mind............

Here is how it was the last time I showed you................

The Summer of Color 2013 is ending this week.  Have taken part the last two years and each time I've tried to vary it.  This year have made a collage, using the chosen colors by the majority (we all voted)...........have to say my choices were in the was a great challenge to take part in and to see all the wonderful pieces the members displayed.

I would also like to enter this fun piece of work with Ali-Craft who are asking for Butterflies

Thank you for visiting me and hope you enjoyed my offerings for Paint Party Friday and Summer of Color.

Am taking a blogging break until September and I hope to see you then.

Have a terrific weekend and take care of yourselves, hugs Annette x

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Works in Progress for Paint Party Friday

Hi, am happy to be here this week for PPF even if I only have Works in Progress to show you.

'Fantasy' painted in Acrylics on a 12 x 9 inches Canvas Board

An A3 page from an Art Ideas Book painted in Acrylics using  Masks

Practising Faces in pencil

Colour Pink and Grey
Am making a collage of all my Summer of Colour Weeks and will show it in Week 6, the above painting is just for fun.

Its a bit of a mish mash of projects, but I do love variety and as you can see there is a lot of finishing off to do, but hey there is no rush, just time to relax and enjoy the adventures.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me, its much appreciated.  Look after yourselves and have a lovely weekend.  Hugs Annette x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Paint Party Friday - Work in Progress, The Color of Summer etc

Hi, have missed the last couple of Paint Party Fridays for various reasons and am glad to be able to show you a few bits have been working on.

Am very close to finishing this large canvas in watermixable oils, just some touching up to do and correcting the errors. Then have to leave it for 6 months before it can be varnished.  This is rather different to the small canvas I did of the same subject which was done in Acrylics a while ago 'Walking in the Rain'.

The Summer of Color is in its third week and am still making the birds using the colors chosen by the majority and then there is a another fun one using the colors of Week 2 below.

The following is a page from my Ideas Sketch Book where stamps and my artwork are combined, this has been shown before on my other blog on Sunday, its called Beyond the Blue Horizon

Thank you for taking the time to pop in and hope you have a lovely weekend.
Take care of yourself,  Hugs Annette x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Happy PPF and Summer of Color

Hi, today I have two pieces to show you for the party..............

The Keeper..............she is the Keeper of Secrets.  Painted in my Art Book with Acrylics

Woo Hoo, the Summer of  Color started this week and hosted by the lovely Kristin, if you would like to join in this fun time or see what others have produced go HERE......  This is the third year of SOC and have managed to take part in all of them, each time doing something different.  The colors this week are Citron Green and Turquoise.

For this year am doing Birds in the appointed color prompt.  The idea is, when finished they will be made into a collage, thats if they turn out OK, otherwise will have to have a rethink..........yep I do that a

Thank you for dropping by, have a great weekend and take care of yourselves, Hugs Annette x

Friday, 31 May 2013

Before and After OR After and Before !!

Hi, am starting with the After.....................and then tell you all about it.................

the story is, a fortnight ago in Art Class we had to do quick watercolour sketch of a picture of our choice

This is it......

and then we were given an artist to do it in the style of...............mine was Klimt......

This is what I started with..........

Pencil and Texture Paste

added the Acrylics and a Gold Signo pen and ended up with this

the tricky bit was painting the Texture Paste............why is it your hand shakes over the tricky bits.........

Its been a good week craft and artwise  and got a lot done..........woo hoo, but the weather has been a no no, cloud and rain every day...........We missed out on Spring, hope we don't miss out on Summer as my poor old body needs some sunshine..

Thank you for visiting me, take care of yourselves, wishing you a lovely weekend, Happy PPF to the PPF'ers.  Hugs Annette xx

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Ghost for Paint Party Friday

Hi, its been a silly week, silly in the way I have made so many mistakes.  Messed up my large Walking in the Rain painting, now have to wait for it to dry before I can hopefully save it...... basically that is just one example of my next week had darn well be better.  Another thing is I coloured my hair chestnut brown and used the enclosed conditioner, my hair looked as if it had been put in the grease pot, not a good look can assure you.  But its all OK now...........phew.........

Taken from Walter De La Mare's poem The Ghost
But have put her outside the house, looking in
This is a page from my Art Practice book, the words are digital.  All I have to do is to work out how to write this all down freehand..............but not this

Thank you for popping in, am off to Art Class Friday morning, just hope the piece I have been working on to finish off in class doesn't go pear shaped.  Enjoy the weekend and take care of yourselves.  Hugs Annette x

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Brigadoon and Going your own Way.... for Paint Party Friday

Hi,  haven't done very much painting that can show at Paint Party Friday this week as most of it is works in progress, but am showing a page from my art practice book.  She started off as the Mona Lisa but turned into Fiona from the musical Brigadoon.........a village in Scotland which only appears 1 day in a hundred years.....


as I was painting her the tunes of this musical kept going round in my instead of Mona we now have Fiona...........

Also would like to show you a page that was blobbed with watercolours..........for those of you who don't know this is a technical

Drew a fish then used it as a stencil.  Added the words and framed it digitally.  This is a question I often ask myself.

Am off to Art class in the morning so will catch up with you later in the day.  Thank you for popping in and wishing you a terrific weekend.  Hugs Annette xx

Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Mish Mash for Paint Party Friday

Hi, its not been the best of days but looking on the bright side it can only get better............

Digital bits added to original watercolour and coloured graphite pencil painting

The sketch was influenced by Magritte and was huge fun to create.

It may not be great but the adventures in trying out different styles of Art and putting my own twist to it gives me a lot of joy.

Plus am showing an A4 page from my Journal to celebrate Spring

Spring into Action
Am at Art Class Friday morning and will catch up with you later.  Meanwhile have a great time visiting all the fab artists at Paint Party Friday, there is some awesome talent out there in blogland.

Thank you for visiting me, take care of yourselves and have a great weekend, hugs Annette xx

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Having a go at Klimt Style for Paint Party Friday

Hi, am back from my hols and we had a great time seeing all the sights. For Paint Party Friday am bringing these offerings.

Have more or less finished this painting on hardboard

Started like this
Tried to emulate Klimt style with this painting in Acrylics

and this is from my Art Journal where I also try out different styles, unfortunately I only took coloured pencils with me on hols as was trying to travel light this time...............

with this one you may recognise influences from Magritte, but there again you may

Thank you for taking the time to visit me, I really appreciate it.  We hope to visit a Steam Fair this weekend if the weather stays OK, its a great place for picking up old rusty and wood bits, just have to sneak them away so OH doesn't spot them as he says I have enough old junk, don't think he means himself.........ooooh naughty naughty.............  Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend whatever you are doing and take care of yourselves, hugs Annette xx

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Girl Power - for Paint Party Friday

Hi, its Paint Party Friday again and have finished another birthday canvas painting for one of my girl's.

' Girl Power '  painted in Acrylics
The photo here has been digitally framed but the actual painting has been framed in darkish brown rough wood with the insert in cream.  I was inspired to paint this after reading 'Taking Flight' by Kelly Rae Roberts which am sure many of you recognise.

Continuing to be inspired by this book I completed a block canvas called ' Tell me whom you love '

this time the background was layered with various papers and painted over with acrylics.  The moulding at the side was stencilled with texture paste and painted gold.  Various other stencils were used plus Glass Beads Texture Gel.    Yep am loving this stuff.  The little bird is made of wood which was then painted to tone in with the rest of this painting.

After looking at how these have turned out am certain Kelly Rae Roberts didn't have such long necks on her girls, guess Modigliani is still lurking in my brain.......

Wishing you a happy and sun filled weekend.  Thank you for visiting me and take care of yourselves, hugs Annette xx

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Klimt and Goatley!! for Paint Party Friday

Hi, am pleased to say we have had a couple of days of sunshine....woo hoo, but the winds have been North hoo.

I took out a book from the library on the artist Klimt and found one of his paintings which wasn't too difficult to draw and paint as a starting point, before I attempt the more difficult paintings.

Acrylics on Watercolour Paper

Being in a playful mood from last week I then went on to create the ' The Road to Nowhere ' in my Art Journal.

Acrylic Paints, Black/White Pen and Palette Knife

Am still working on the new 'Walking in the Rain' but its painfully slow going as it demands so much concentration, am definitely not one of those painters who can just slap it on and get great results....oooh noooo, wish I was......

Hope you had a lovely Easter Break despite the weather and here's hoping we have a lovely Spring weekend ahead.  Am off to visit my eldest daughter and family on Sunday which is great.  Take care of yourselves and thank you so much for popping in to see me.  Hugs Annette xx

PS  I cannot believe there are over 100 followers on my new Art Blog (have only just noticed) thank all so very much for following and supporting me.  xx

Thursday, 28 March 2013

One Canvas finished.....only 2 more to go.......

Hi, finished one box canvas this week which is going to be a birthday present for one of my family, but cannot tell who just in case she reads my blog...........yep its a surprise.

Morning Glory, painted in Acrylics on a box canvas  16 x 14 inches
I previously painted this flower on a small canvas board and in much darker colours, but wanted to make a bold statement this time.

Have made some progress on Walking in the Rain, which will also be slightly different this time; will show you when its finished, probably in about a month's time.

In between have been experimenting, painting on a CD.  This might not be a great example but shows it can be done.

Painted in Acrylics

and now for my Big new cooker arrived yesterday.............woo hoo

look how beautifully she shines.................definitely eating out again today, am not going to get this little beauty way...................

The paintings I am bringing to Paint Party Friday where artists from all over the world show their latest works of art and its a pure pleasure for me to see all their wonderful works.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and enjoy the holidays.  Take care of yourselves, hugs Annette xx