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Monday, 29 September 2014

Bits and Bobs................and more Bobs............

Hi, its good to be back in blogland am happy to say the Shingles is on its way out along with the pain (big sigh of relief).

The following is a bit of a mixed bag of artwork, but it proves I haven't been idle..........

This painting I've designed for a Wedding Card in December.  Painted in Acrylics

Having a go at the Mona Lisa in a 'Brigadoon' style setting................

A bit of fun worked in coloured pencils

Attempts to draw Jack Sparrow in charcoal pencils.................mmmmm methinks a lot more practice is

A small box, painted in Acrylics and coated in Varnish, definitely a fun project but difficult to photograph as parts of the varnish looks white in the photos

and finally...........


The above Art Journal Pages are the results from a free Art Journal Wisdom online course at Dirty Footprints Studio.  (also see my sidebar, give it a go, I promise you will enjoy it)

Phew I hope you didn't drop off to sleep with this lot to look at, don't think have posted so much at one time before...............

Thank you very much for calling in and being so patient with me...........have so much catching up to do in Blogland and also on Facebook.  Will be taking these works with me to Paint Party Friday this week.

Take care of yourselves and thank you for all your kind wishes and hugs, Annette xx

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Seguin, Klimt and little Amy - Reposted from Sunday

Hi, hope you are all well.  Although have not been on blogger much the last week or so I have been busy getting some artwork done as well as the usual home things we all have to do.


Acrylics on 10 x 12"Canvas Board.
Am not sure if this is finished am going to leave it awhile and see...........this is how it was when I started a couple of weeks ago...............the original was painted by the artist Armand Seguin.


Also had a go at creating artwork in  Klimt style......

All these are in my Art Journal worked in Acrylics and Oil Pastels.
Mother and Child are going into the Art Journal Journey Challenge this month, which is Living Beings.

To finish I did a quick sketch in coloured pencils of my adorable great grand-daughter Amy who is 2 years old.

Have also done quite a lot more artwork but am sure you would be bored to death, so will save them for another day.

Thank you for dropping in.  Take care of yourselves and have a goodly week, Hugs Annette xx

Happy PPF to everyone who takes part in this fabulous blog.

Unfortunately since Sunday's post I have been in great pain.  Saw the Dr today and she confirmed I have Shingles.  Have never had it before so not sure how long this awful pain will last.  So please forgive me if I don't visit you for a while as even typing this gives me horrendous pain.  But as soon as am better will be back to visiting you, xxxxx