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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Little Bits for Paint Party Friday

Hi, just so I didn't miss PPF am showing a small flower today, which is a miniature of one I had painted earlier.

Acrylic on Canvas 
I also had a play in my sketch book, as was still thinking how wonderful Tracey's mugs/cups are and desperate for something to draw I chose my favourite coffee mug,  these are the results..............Tracey if you come visiting close your eyes on this next picture please, as they are a poor imitation of your art..........

Watercolour and pen
Thank you for visiting me, have a lovely weekend and hope to see some of you here on 1st February, when 29 Faces start.  Take care of yourselves, hugs Annette x

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Trying a little something Different for Paint Party Friday

The fun of an Art Journal page is that you can experiment and just have fun.  Who really cares whether its good or not as you made it for yourself.  Painted in Acrylics on a canvas sheet, with die cuts and punched flowers.

In case you are wondering why her eyes are closed, its because she is listening to the sounds of nature, anyways that's what she told me !!

Will pop this into my Experimental Art Book for future reference.  Only about a week to go before 29 Faces start and am really excited because this is a humongous challenge for me and will really need to push myself, but hopefully at the end my faces will be a lot better.

Thank you for popping in and hope you have a great weekend, Hugs Annette xx

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Paint Party Friday - Practically Perfect in Every Way!

Hi, at the moment am practicing faces and can tell you am total rubbish at it, but thought I'd better get cracking so when the 29 Faces start in February hopefully will have improved.  The litter bin is chock full of rubbish drawings........but am not giving up, even if I should

The following is a page for my art journal...........Practically Perfect in Every Way.........well thats a joke isn't it.

Worked on an old sheet of Music - no not from Mary Poppins......Gesso, Napkin, Stencils, Modelling Paste and Acryillcs.  The influence for this was from the Suzi Blu Book of Mixed Media Girls.

Just need to cut off the Music Sheet from the edges and pop it in the Journal.  Wishing you a great weekend and thank you for popping in to see me.  Hugs Annette x

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mix it Monthly

Hi, Happy New Year to all.   Conny over at Mix it Monthly has chosen Odd Hats for the challenge this month.  Its just what I needed as my brain is on a go slow at the moment and inspiration is thin on the ground.

Leading in the fashion stakes we have Olivia the Ostrich  desporting her latest headwear made of orange felt and white fresh flowers.............I like the bow as well Olivia........

Next we have Cecilia proudly showing us her Birthday Cake Hat.  Watch those flames Cecilia..................

'oops she looks a little worried about those flames

The colours Conny chose for the challenge were - Orange, Violet and Hibiskus, unfortunately the photograph is showing blue rather than Violet.............

I have so many journals and lots of themes get mixed up, so have dedicated the one below just for Mix it Monthly challenges, so the above two will be popped into it.

Am including these offerings into the pot for Paint Party Friday as well.   Before I go, would like to show you my new Owl, made of wood, steel and glass, he is such a cutie.

Sorry about the long post and thank you for staying with me.  Have a terrific weekend and take care of yourselves, hugs Annette x