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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Paint Party Friday - Work in Progress, The Color of Summer etc

Hi, have missed the last couple of Paint Party Fridays for various reasons and am glad to be able to show you a few bits have been working on.

Am very close to finishing this large canvas in watermixable oils, just some touching up to do and correcting the errors. Then have to leave it for 6 months before it can be varnished.  This is rather different to the small canvas I did of the same subject which was done in Acrylics a while ago 'Walking in the Rain'.

The Summer of Color is in its third week and am still making the birds using the colors chosen by the majority and then there is a another fun one using the colors of Week 2 below.

The following is a page from my Ideas Sketch Book where stamps and my artwork are combined, this has been shown before on my other blog on Sunday, its called Beyond the Blue Horizon

Thank you for taking the time to pop in and hope you have a lovely weekend.
Take care of yourself,  Hugs Annette x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Happy PPF and Summer of Color

Hi, today I have two pieces to show you for the party..............

The Keeper..............she is the Keeper of Secrets.  Painted in my Art Book with Acrylics

Woo Hoo, the Summer of  Color started this week and hosted by the lovely Kristin, if you would like to join in this fun time or see what others have produced go HERE......  This is the third year of SOC and have managed to take part in all of them, each time doing something different.  The colors this week are Citron Green and Turquoise.

For this year am doing Birds in the appointed color prompt.  The idea is, when finished they will be made into a collage, thats if they turn out OK, otherwise will have to have a rethink..........yep I do that a

Thank you for dropping by, have a great weekend and take care of yourselves, Hugs Annette x