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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Spirits of the Chakra

Hi, I know you were expecting to see more paintings of water, but to tell you the truth I needed a break from it and decided to have some fun with the paints and a complete change of subject.

This is to represent the 6th Chakra, The Third Eye and above it, at the top of the head is the 7th Chakra called the Crown Chakra.  As the spiritual energies rise through these centers, the person becomes more spiritually aware and can develop psychic and paranormal powers.

I cannot say this happened to me except I had a wonderful time drawing and painting it and the colours made me happy and lifted my soul as did the painting below.......

This Owl represents dream memories of Animal Lives.  It is believed by some people that animal souls are all reincarnating as human beings.    So have taken the liberty of choosing this magificent owl to be part of my past life.  I wonder what animal you would choose.................

Showed my hubby these paintings........they are weird, but very colourful.  Have to say his taste in Art and mine clash a bit, but then it makes life interesting doesn't it..............

Both these paintings for Paint Party Friday were painted in Acrylics and Gel Pens on heavy duty watercolour paper.

Thank you for visiting  me and hope you have a lovely weekend, Hugs Annette x

Monday, 25 February 2013

Strathmore Free Online Workshops

Strathmore free online Workshops are open now for registration the first class starts March 1st
Hope to see you there.  Hugs Annette x

Thursday, 21 February 2013


If you came here expecting to see my Water Paintings I accidentally popped them on my other blog 

Sorry about that, it was obviously a very senior moment.  But hope you will pop over and have a look.
Happy Paint Party Friday everyone.  Hugs Annette xx

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Spreading the Love

Hi, Happy Valentines Day to you all, hope you have a great day.  Hubby and I will celebrate later as we have to take Mum to Physio first and she doesn't live nearby so it will be a few hours later than normal.  Just in case you didn't know I love painting and drawing so am spreading the love of Art at Paint Party Friday.

'Aster' - painted in Acrylics on Canvas Board
Think this will be my last painting of Flowers for the moment as now have to concentrate on Water and am finding it difficult.  At the moment have two Canvas Boards on the go where am attempting to capture Water and will share them next week all being well.

Apart from the two Canvas Boards am working on a Canvas which will hopefully show rain and am showing a snippet of it, but please bear in mind its very much work in progress.........

On Wednesday we had to go to Hospital for my hubby to have some extensive heart tests so I had an hour and a half to kill.  Took myself to the Hospital Cafe for a Coffee and took my sketchbook out and attempted to draw some of the people in there....... brave or stupid ..... not sure which.  But when we got home showed hubby my attempts and he laughed and said it was a wonder you didn't get thrown out..........

I know they are not very good but not too bad for a first attempt  considering I was shaking with nerves and the people wouldn't sit

Thats it from me.  Thank you for visiting me and wishing you a lovely weekend.  Take care of yourself, hugs Annette xx

Thursday, 7 February 2013

More Flowers for PPF

Hi,  managed to finish the painting I started last week which is of a Gerbera, painted in Acrylics on a Canvas Board.

Am also preparing for the end of term exhibition of our art work where we display our canvases for visitors to see (which is pretty scary).  One of my exhibits will be this painted bottle and am not sure if it will go down well, but have painted it so am displaying

It was a bottle of Rose' wine which was undercoated with Gesso, painted with Acrylics, Transparent Crackle Glaze, and coated with Modge Podge Sparkle.  The Hummingbird (Designs by Ryn) was stamped on Kitchen Roll and adhered to the paint. Sticky back ribbon, gold wire and beads.  The cap is painted gold with sprinkles of gold glitter.  Unfortunately you cannot see the pretty glistening from sparkles in these photographs.

Have got another bottle on the go at the moment which has been prepared differently, still thinking about the design.

So pleased to see you here and being a part of my art adventures.  Thank you for all your wonderful sure I can hear a bottle of wine calling to me.....whats it saying?.......drink me.....well it would be rude not to wouldn't it and after all I am supposed to be a debauched artist am I

Take care of yourselves and have a terrific weekend, hugs Annette xx