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Monday, 31 March 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow!! For Journal 52

Hi, have just joined a group called Journal 52 which gives weekly prompts.  Am coming in late at Prompt 13 - How does Your Garden Grow.  The main body of the group show their work on Flickr and Facebook.

Using a Background Stencil and Acrylic Paints  (sorry about the photo but the journal size is huge and difficult to photograph)
I live on the top floor of a 2 storey block of  flats with a view of houses and countryside so have tried to combine the two.  The next prompt is Abstract so am off to formulate a

Thank you for dropping in to see me, enjoy your day.  Hugs Annette x

Thursday, 27 March 2014

To Love and Be Loved for Paint Party Friday

Hi, its Paint Party Friday time again.  Am showing the progress have made since last week on my WIP, think its finished now...............

The above canvas has been repurposed more than once.............below is the last time it was used, just in case you are interested.........

Thank you for calling in and hope you have a lovely weekend, hugs Annette x

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Art Journal Page for Paint Party Friday

After all the excitement last week of celebrating the start of PPF's 4th Year and all the wonderful artists who took part and their work as usual was fab.  Was not sure what to show today, but decided to show a page from my large Art Journal.

The page is made up of Acrylics and Paper Napkins.  The lady is from a hairdressing magazine which I painted over to give her a new look.

On the easel at the moment is a large canvas which am working on (similar to one of my 29 Faces), the big problem am finding is thats its a recycled  heavily textured canvas which makes drawing and painting on quite difficult.  But will keep trying.

Wishing you a lovely weekend and take care of yourselves, Hugs Annette x

Thursday, 13 March 2014


Cannot believe we are starting on our 4th year at Paint Party Friday..........have seen the number of artists grow considerably since it first started.  Many thanks to Kristin and Eva for hosting this well loved blog. We have such a lot of amazing artists who are always willing to share their knowlege and to boost us amateur painters along.

Created this digi to celebrate the party................


and a small page for fun,  from one of my art books ' Perching on the Naughty Step'  done in watercolours and acrylics

Wishing you a very happy weekend and take care of yourselves, hugs Annette x

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Mix it Monthly - Abstract and Paint Party Friday

Hi, have been enjoying a rest, well sort of, apart from Spring Cleaning and there was a lot of Spring to Clean......

Mix it Monthly are asking for Abstract Paintings using the colours - Deep Yellow, Orange, Deep Blue, Sky Blue and Light Turquoise. Not really sure about the term Abstract Art so looked it up and it says

'Art that does not attempt to represent external, recognizable reality but seeks its effect using shapes, forms, colours and textures'

Painted in Acrylics (on Canvas Sheet), its my interpretation of a piece by the wonderful abstract artist Osnat Tzadok 

The second piece for Mix it Monthly using the same colours is just something from my head.

Painted in Acrylics (on Paper) and watercolour pencils

Have enjoyed taking part in this March Challenge and again it has stretched me out of my comfort zone.
Am also off to Paint Party Friday another art challenge which keeps me on my

Wishing you a great weekend, take care of yourselves, hugs Annette xx

PS:  wow have just received this from Zoe Sanderson a beautiful piece of mail art and the wonderful Somerset Studio magazine, have never seen a magazine like it, truly wonderful with loads of inspiration. Thank you so much Zoe. xxxx