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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Happy Christmas to Everyone x

Hi, this has to be my last post this year for Paint Party Friday as like everyone else we are ultra busy getting ready for Christmas.

(doodled this whilst in class then painted it in Acrylics this week)
(Digital words and stars)
I finished three of my end of term projects - yay, but can only show you two as the paint still hasn't dried on the third one.  But will show it in the New Year......

(Painted in Watermixable Oils)

Thank you Paint Party and all the fab artists for a great year of painting and drawing and hope to see you all again in 2013.  Plus a big thank you to everyone who has supported me in my Adventures into Art.

Am off on Friday to the Art Class Christmas Party, where we are having mince pies etc and showing our Artwork.  Take care of yourselves and stay warm, hugs Annette xx

Friday, 7 December 2012

'Oops and Double Oops'

Hi, for everyone who has been following my new Art Blog, a very special thank you and to bring you up to date with last week's art class which I was going to have blag my way through, as had jumped the gun, so to speak on my homework............well in the end I didn't have to tell big fibs because as I was going out the front door I pulled my back out and ended up crippled with never got to the class.  Glad to say my back is OK now, just a few twinges.

Today I owned up about the homework, so much easier than telling big fibs and the tutor didn't mind at all, how great was that.  This is what I took with me today and hope to get it finished by next Friday for the end of term.  When we show all our artwork from the term and celebrate with mince pies and things.....

Work in progress with waterbased oils

This is as far as I've got with this one, still a bit more to do.

Work in Progress - watercolour based oils

Apologies for the photographs, it is very dull and overcast here at the moment.

No painting for me over the weekend as we are taking Christmas gifts to some of the family and they all live quite a way from us, so its day trips.  Plus Mum went into hospital today for her small op so naturally will be visiting her as well.

Wishing all the artists at Paint Party Friday and all my other friends a lovely weekend and will see you all after Christmas.  Take care of yourselves and have a very Happy Christmas, hugs Annette x

Friday, 30 November 2012

Oooh so Busy

The days are definitely getting shorter now that Christmas is nearly here aren't they............

Painting at the moment is a luxury, but didn't want to miss Paint Party Friday this week, even if I cannot show very much.

This mainly done in waterbased  oils and added some gold acrylic to the hair.
Still a bit more yet to do on 'She'.

This is the third set of layers on 'Lady at the Opera', forgot to take a photo of the 2nd stage but am showing the first stage below this photo

Third stage

First stage
Again this was using waterbased Oils.

This morning at Art Class we should be working on our end of term project..........but silly me didn't realise we actually did this in class as have been working on mine at home and its very nearly completed, plus I did more than am going to have to bluff it today..........we have two weeks in class to complete it, so its going to take a lot of bluffing on my part, just hope I don't blush and stutter too much as it will completely give the game away.............oops.

Will see you all when I get back from class.  In the meantime have a great weekend and take care of yourselves, hugs Annette xx

Friday, 23 November 2012

PPF is here again...........

Hi, thank you for following me in my Art Adventures, thought I would end up as Billy No mates and am thrilled to see so many of you here.

Yay she is complete - I think............  Since last week I have made a few adjustments and muted the tones so it was less in your face so to speak. (have shown how it was last week below this photo)

Waterbased Oils
How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with love false or true,
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face.
W.B Yeats

This is where I was at last week

An update of my Art Class last week.  Because had missed the Watercolour and ink lesson, I asked if I could get up to date with probs she said and gave me a Welly Boot.............

Watercolours and Ink
A total disaster, could have done with a wider brush instead of the skinny one had taken with me.  Note to self.............take a bigger selection of brushes.............obviously I don't have an affinity with watercolours..... and am rubbish at still


Anyways here is another one I did at home, it was supposed to be my husband with a bit of a twist........he said its nothing like me................of course it isn't I said, am using artistic licence..............well that got

Am scheduling this post as will be at Art Class this morning, this time doing a small canvas with real, another first for me.  Loving this class and have already enrolled for the next term.

Life is a bit hectic at the moment with Mum's and Husband's hospital appointments plus trying to get gifts made and ready for Christmas, you know the sort of thing, we all have similar problems and for some its a lot worse, so am thankful I get a little time to play.  Later will be heading over to Paint Party Friday to see all those wonderful artists and also to see my other blogging friends fab work.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, and thank you for popping in to see my efforts.
Take care, hugs Annette x

Friday, 16 November 2012

Paint Party Friday - all works in Progress

Hi, welcome to my new blog.........thought I had better create a new one for my artwork, hope you will follow me here.

Am showing all WIP's today for Paint Party Friday

Still Not Finished

This is how she was last Friday

Loads of work yet to do on my lady at the Opera

Sketch on Canvas, waiting to be painted
Apart from the sketch I used waterbased oils on both the above paintings, so different from my usual acrylics, they are creamier and take longer to dry, for instance I have paint blobs on my palettes from 4 days ago and they are still soft, so its far less wasteful.

Yep there is still a lot to do on the paintings, but am not rushing it, just enjoying the experience.

Mum went for her pre-op interview yesterday and we took her to physio afterwards so am scheduling this post as will be in Art Class this morning, but will be back later in the afternoon to catch up with everyone.

Thank you for visiting my new blog, take care of yourselves and hope you have a lovely weekend,
Hugs Annette xx