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Wednesday 3 December 2014

Paint Party Art and Christmas.........

Hi, thank you for taking the time to visit me at this busy time of the year.  This is going to be my last post until 2015 so am wishing you a Very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

''Taking time out to smell the flowers.....''
Painted in Acrylics on Canvas Paper

In between painting have made a few Christmas Cards and I mean just a,  showing a couple of them as the rest have the same layout, nice, quick and easy.

Covering Notepads - just showing one - you will be pleased to know...........

All made from Graphic 45 papers which the lovely Sandy Dehon sent me early this year, thank you so much dear Sandy.

I made a few small tree ornaments, again just showing one...........

Still have loads to do, like shopping for preses etc, my youngest stepson's wedding to go to and celebrating our wedding anniversary.  Luckily for us we are going to my youngest daughter for Christmas Day, so no cooking for me that day............woo hoo

Thank you again for popping in, take care of yourselves and wrap up warm.
Hugs and Love Annette xx

Friday 28 November 2014

Loads of Stuff..........

Hi, am over the Pneumonia, but now have Bronchiectasis.  On the plus side am taking antibiotics which is helping with the nasty onwards and upwards, looking forward to 2015 being a healthy and stress free year...............yea, we can

Painted in Acrylics on Canvas Board 10 x 12"

Then had a play with a photo progamme and these are the results............yea love it.....

Inspired by the Digital Master Sarah Jarrett

Using Acrylics on Canvas Paper............glamourised and spooked a Modigliani favourite

You will have to excuse the next one which was inspired by Francoise Nielly...........this was painted in my journal when I was feeling like hell..........and methinks it

Pretty Gruesome
These are all for Art Journal Journey and Paint Party Friday.

Am now some quick pencil sketches on drawing paper............

The Modigliani Girls

A mixed bunch

and last but not least a beautiful handmade quilted throw by my sister Alicia Nicholls which was my birthday lucky am I, very lucky.

Sorry about the loads of photos, but this is what happens when you have been away from your blog a long

Wishing you a lovely weekend and take care of yourselves, hugs Annette xx

Thursday 6 November 2014


Hi, just a quick post to thank you for all the brilliant birthday wishes, but am afraid I have got Pneumonia at the moment..............nope its not been a great year......... so won't be visiting your blogs for a while, sorry.  Hugs Annette xx

Tuesday 28 October 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME...........and all that Jazz

Hi, its my birthday on Friday 31st, yep am a Halloween don't be scared about singing the Birthday Song out loud;  obviously it has to be loud so I can hear

To celebrate have used one of my acrylic paintings and digitised it for Halloween -using PicMonkey

Definitely Scarey

Next one is not so scarey.......depending on your point of view, a page from my Sketchbook, using Distress Inks and Acrylics.......

Wild and Free

Both of these pictures are going into the Art Journal Journey Challenge - Deep in the Forest and Paint Party Friday

Then carried on having some more fun with dear old Humpty Dumpty which was worked in Pens, on an Index Card but as he was as high as a kite, on what I do not know I hence digitised the background.....

No, he is not going to fall or jump, he is quite happy being spaced out

Thats all from me on my birthday week, hope you have enjoyed it.  Off to a family Halloween Party on Saturday, mainly for the children of course............broomstick and hat at the ready am good to go.

Take care of yourselves and be happy, Hugs Annette xx

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Reworking and Other Bits and Pieces

Hi, have done some more work on the oil painting shown last week............(in the post below)

Mellowed the colours, softened and reshaped the eyes plus added some more colour to the background.  Like her a lot more now..............

The following pieces are from my sketch book.............

Deep In Thought............worked in Oil Pastels

Then a quick coloured pencil sketch of my Great Grand-daughter, which is vaguely like

A couple of Acrylic Paintings which unfortunately do not photograph well because of the glass frames... Fire Maiden and Ice Maiden

Christmas Presents - to be given as a pair

and to finish a photo of my Great Grandchildren whom I love full of mischief

Thank you for popping in, am showing all these bits and bobs at Paint Party Friday.  Have a great week and take care, hugs Annette x

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Disastrous Fun

Hi, have been having some fun with my artistic attempts this week.  First going back to using Water Mixable Oils, which am still struggling with, especially waiting for the layers to dry before I can paint over them again.........patience is severely lacking...........hence this painting is neither dry or finished......

Followed with another painting, this time in Acrylics which wouldn't go my way, but am showing it despite itself.

Bird Talk

The following pages are from my Art Journal which will be going into the Art Journal Journey Challenge this month and for Paint Party Friday.

Alone with my Thoughts

then changed it via a free digital progamme to black and white just to see the change in the atmosphere of the page...............

Quite a few disasters, but great fun at the same time.  You have to see joy in the disasters, at least thats what I tell it must be

Wishing you a lovely week, despite the horrible weather we are having at the moment.  The forecasters say we are in for a mini heatwave by the end of the week...........yay bring it on.........  Take care of yourselves, hugs Annette xx

Monday 6 October 2014

Painting on Wood and Art Journal Journey

Hi, hope you enjoyed the weekend, its certainly turned a lot colder, so on go the warmer clothes and snuggles under the duvet with a good book..........yay.

Not so much to show you this week as this Wooden Icon (from Paper Artsy)  took me quite a while to paint.  Its in the style of Leonid Afremov, a favourite artist of mine.


Its now been varnished and being left to dry

Art Journal Journey this month has the subject of 'Deep in the Forest' chosen by Sheila from Orange Esmeralda, there are already many fabulous entries to enjoy.  So here are a couple of mine..........

This is DCI (Detective Chief Inspector) Vera with her new recruit Barney solving a new case in the Forest  (worked in Oil Pastels).

Then went off on another loop as you do sometimes and created this................why I don't know except needed to practice and play........

Two separate pages joined together with Pic Monkey
They were both worked in Mechanical and Charcoal Pencils.  The left hand side, pink Stickles were added and the right hand side was drawn on a Gelli Plate background with touches of a white gel pen. Not sure what sort of animal he is but he looks kinda friendly.

The rest of my art time was taken up with making some adjustments to the painting for the Wedding Card last week, didn't like the chin/nose etc and also some sketching.  Am off now to view your blogs and see what my friends on Facebook have been up to in the Art World.

Will show these also at Paint Party Friday, hosted by Kristin and Eva.

Wishing you a lovely week, take care of yourselves, Hugs Annette x